Twitter and Facebook composer
Version : 1.0
Price : $30
State : Outipadiphone



--jpSocial API jpSocial.activate ( sUserToken, sActivationKey ) jpSocial.showFacebookComposer ( sOptInitialText, sOptUrl, sOptImage ) jpSocial.showTwitterComposer ( sOptInitialText, sOptUrl, sOptImage ) bYes = jpSocial.isFacebookComposerAvailable ( ) bYes = jpSocial.isTwitterComposerAvailable ( ) jpSocial.setUnavailableAlertTexts ( sOptTitle, sOpsMessage, sOptButtonText )


jpSocial is the easy way to add social sharing in your game. It is built around the built-in iOS native Facebook and Twitter composer that let your users post message on their Facebook/Twitter accounts, accounts that they have registered in the device settings.

You can set a default message, image and url when the message composer appears. The user can share its location or switch between its account (if he has several) directly from the composer UI.

For more details about the jpSocial UI, click the Images button below.


  • The jpTools plugin is required (free)