Verify if the user has effectively paid for your application.
Version : 1.1
Price : $50
State : Outandroid




  • Optimized for ShiVa 1.9.2


--jpLicenseChecker API jpLicenseChecker.activate ( sUserToken, sActivationKey ) jpLicenseChecker.check ( sPublicKey ) --User notification events: "onLicenseCheckSucceed" ( ) -- Should allow user access. "onLicenseCheckFailed" ( bRetry ) -- If bRetry is true -- If the reason received from the policy is bRetry, it was probably -- due to a loss of connection with the service, so we should give the -- user a chance to retry. So show a dialog to retry. -- -- If bRetry is false -- Otherwise, the user is not licensed to use this app. -- Your response should always inform the user that the application -- is not licensed, but your behavior at that point can vary. You might -- provide the user a limited access version of your app or you can -- take them to Google Play to purchase the app. -- market link : "market://details?id="+sAppId "onLicenseCheckError" ( eRrrorCode ) -- The error code is one of the following errors: -- "LICENSED_OLD_KEY" -- "ERROR_NOT_MARKET_MANAGED" -- "ERROR_SERVER_FAILURE" -- "ERROR_OVER_QUOTA" -- "ERROR_CONTACTING_SERVER" -- "ERROR_INVALID_PACKAGE_NAME" -- "ERROR_NON_MATCHING_UID" -- "UNKNOWN_ERROR" -- -- We should give the user a chance to retry. So show a dialog to retry according to the error


A security plugin that queries the Google Play servers to see if an application has been legally purchased.

The Google Play Licensing service is intended for paid applications that wish to verify that the current user did in fact pay for the application on Google Play.


  • The license permission is required, you can enable it by checking the 'Use license' option in the Authoring Tool, or by adding the following permission to the AndroidManifest.xml file of your Android project:


  • The jpEventQueue plugin is required (free)