Developped for : webipadiphone
Developped with : apidatabasephpxcode

What is dmdpost ?

dmdpost is a service invented by healthcare professionals, to help people find the way in the jungle that are health apps.
The apps get reviewed by patients and healthcare professionals, granting rating to the app according to its design, reliability and mostly its pertinence from a medical point of view. dmdpost is also every day news and connected objects. The objects are reviewed too, just like the apps.

The plugin :

The aim of the dmdpost plugin is to display content from in third party applications. It contains many features such as a list of apps sorted by rating, the best apps month after month and also the best-of in many categories.
It is also possible to search for apps for a specific pathology if you are a patient, or a profession/speciality for a healthcare professional.
The plugin for iPhone and iPad comes as a static library (.a) that will be added to and compiled with third party apps.

Webservices and database :

I have entirely designed the database of dmdpost, and I wrote all of the webservices on which are plugged the website, the iOS plugin and the Android plugin to communicate with the server. Data is sent using JSON.