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What's the sample about?

Packs: JPAnimation, JPTweener, JPExtendedAPI --JPExtendedAPI for screen space lockscreen background image hud.setComponentBackgroundImageContainerSpaceUVOffset ( hComponent, nOffsetU, nOffsetV ) hud.setComponentBackgroundImageContainerSpaceUVScale ( hComponent, nScaleU, nScaleV ) --JPTweener custom curve creation from external function JPTweener.createCustomEaseFromFunction ( sName, fFunction ) --JPAnimation: animation with custom JPTweener curve plus additional parameters passed to the curve function JPAnimation.setAnimation ( "customBounceCurve", 0.87 ) --JPAnimation to update the background image UVs each time the lock screen moves during the animations: JPAnimation.callFunctionOverTime ( 0, "JPiOS7LockScreenSample.updateLockScreenBackground" )