Create complex transitions
Version: 3.0
Price: $30
- Now compatible with ShiVa 2.0.
- Plugin API compiled for Mac and Linux in addition to Windows : it will provide API completion in the Script module in ShiVa Editor for each of these operating systems.
- Now uses a user token instead of an email to activate

- Optimized for ShiVa 1.9.2

- Fixed a bug with JPTweener.exists ( sEase ), was always returning false for custom eases.

New functions:
- bYes = JPTweener.exists ( sEase )
- nCount = JPTweener.getEaseCount ( )
- sEase = JPTweener.getEaseAt ( nIndex )
- sEase = JPTweener.getRandomEase ( )

New curves:
- nCoef = JPTweener.easeShake ( nCoef, nOptFrequence, sOptClampEase, bOptClampReversed, sOptFrequenceEase )
- nCoef = JPTweener.easePulse ( nCoef, nOptHold, nOptRepeats, sOptPulseCurve1, sOptPulseCurve2 )
- nCoef = JPTweener.easeZero ( )
- nCoef = JPTweener.easeOne ( )

Create your custom curves:
- JPTweener.createCustomEaseFromConstant ( sName, nValue )
- JPTweener.createCustomEaseFromFunction ( sName, fFunction )
- JPTweener.createCustomEaseFromPolynomial ( sName, nOptPolynomialCoef1, nOptPolynomialCoef2, nOptPolynomialCoef3, nOptPolynomialCoef4, nOptPolynomialCoef5 )
- sType, vValue0, vValue1, vValue2, vValue3, vValue4 = JPTweener.getCustomEase ( sName )
The curves you've created are directly usable by using JPTweener.yourEaseName ( nCoef )

- Internal modifications to prevent eventual conflicts between packs.

- Fixed a random issue blocking the activation of the pack

- Error messages now are easier to understand.


JPTweener is the perfect companion for all those who wish to add some transitions and fluidity in their games. With its multitude of transitions, you'll be able to add rich and varied animations to your games.

Its usage is very simple, give it a time factor for instance and it will give you the value corresponding to the transition that you choosed. Rebounds effects, elastic curves, ... the only limit on its implementation will be your imagination! Try the sample below to see what can be achieved with this pack.

You can find all the transitions curves, animated, on this site.

JPTweener also embeds special curves, like pulse and shakes and allows you to create your own custom curves based on polynomial numbers. Don't be afraid it is very simple thanks to the curve generator.

You can also create new eases from constant values or from your own function, JPTweener lets you do everything!

Note that this pack can be combined with JPAnimation. Thanks to JPAnimation, you will not have to worry coefficients anymore, JPAnimation does it for you. Go to the appropriate section for more details.