Huge new features for sounds
Version: 2.0
Price: $25
- Now compatible with ShiVa 2.0.
- Plugin API compiled for Mac and Linux in addition to Windows : it will provide API completion in the Script module in ShiVa Editor for each of these operating systems.
- Now uses a user token instead of an email to activate

- Global volume coefficients are now clamped between 0 and 1


JPSound adds ease of use for implementing the sounds of your games, because you can play, stop (and more) sounds just by using their name: no worries about what is the index of a sound, and no problem if you move a sound of your SoundBank to another index.

Another great feature is the possibility to play several sounds of the same name at once just by using its name: reference the sound several times in your SoundBank and JPSound will automatically play the one that is not currently playing. Very powerful for sounds that must be played repeatedly quickly, like a machine gun for instance.

JPSound has many wonderful features, here's the full list of what it has to offer:

- Master sound volume.

- Global volume for sounds played by objects.

- Global volume for sounds played by users.

- New sound.getVolume and hud.getSoundVolume functions.

- Most of the functions of the 'sound' API and the hud functions related to sounds can now be called by using a sound name instead of a sound index.

- Possibility to play several sounds of the same name simultaneously just by giving its name to the hud.playSound or functions