Allows a HUD container to become a scroll view
Version: 4.0
Price: $50
- Now compatible with ShiVa 2.0.
- Plugin API compiled for Mac and Linux in addition to Windows : it will provide API completion in the Script module in ShiVa Editor for each of these operating systems.
- Now uses a user token instead of an email to activate

- Added function removeUser ( hUser )

- Compatible with multiple local users

- Optimized for ShiVa 1.9.2

New functions:
- bYes = JPScrollView.isUserTouchingView ( sView )
- bYes = JPScrollView.isViewScrolling ( sView )

- New function:
nSpeedX, nSpeedY = JPScrollView.getViewScrollingSpeed ( sView )
- Fixed a bug with setViewScrollingSpeed on x axis
- Fixed an issue with JPScrollView.removeView ( sView )

New functions:
- JPScrollView.setViewPosition ( sView, nPositionX, nPositionY, bInstant )
- nViewMinPositionX, nViewMaxPositionX, nViewMinPositionY, nViewMaxPositionY = JPScrollView.getViewPositionRange ( sView )
- JPScrollView.setViewScrollingSpeed ( sView, nSpeedX, nSpeedY )
Those functions allow you to scroll the list manually or to manually set the scrolling speed. You can use it for instance with the joypad values to scroll the list.

- Internal modifications to prevent eventual conflicts between packs.

- Added the missing function hChild = JPScrollView.getViewChildAt ( sView, nIndex )

- New feature: Scroll bars, coming with 2 new functions:
JPScrollView.setViewScrollBarsEnabled ( sView, bEnabled, bOptAlwaysVisible )
JPScrollView.setScrollBarsScale ( nScale )
nChildCount = JPScrollView.getViewChildCount ( sView ) : to get the child count of the container, without taking the scroll bars into account.

- You can now change the scrolling behaviour by using these new functions:
JPScrollView.setBounceStrengthCoef ( nCoef )
JPScrollView.setDampingStrengthCoef ( nCoef )

- Other new functions:
nPositionX, nPositionY = JPScrollView.getViewPosition ( sView )
nSizeX, nSizeY = JPScrollView.getViewSize ( sView )

- Changes:
JPScrollView.setViewAlignment ( sView, kOptAlignH, kOptAlignV, bOptInstant ) : This function now takes an optional 3rd parameter, to be able to do "Scroll to Top" effects for instance.
JPScrollView.addView ( sView, bOptForceScrollX, bOptForceScrollY, bOptForceFullViewScrolling, bOptSkipContainerClipChildren ) : Alignment parameters have been removed, use the JPScrollView.setViewAlignment function instead.

- The scroll view now has a more accurate behavior when the user releases his finger

- Fixed a random issue blocking the activation of the pack

- Error messages now are easier to understand.


Like UIScrollView for iOS, JPScrollView will allow you to scroll the entire contents of a HUD container.

Simply define a container as a ScrollView and all its children will get the possibility to be scrolled in the view (the container) with the finger or mouse, like for a web page in a browser, with rebound effects when you are out of the area. This pack is the perfect choice for a lot of things in games, such as display of scores, trophies or for lists of objects of your in-game store for example.

JPScrollView also enhance views with very nice scrollbars that you'll love for sure!

With such a pack you will increase significantly the quality of your game, it will look well polished, fluid, enjoyable, etc.. Try the sample to see for yourself!