Hippocup 2015 Web

Hippocup is a boat race organized by medicine students, for medicine students. The event takes place once a year.

I did the website by using the Joomla! CMS.

My own website Web

Of course I did my own website. It is not something frozen, it evolves constantly as my web skills increase.

In its first version, the site used a design a friend did for me. The design has changed progressively to offer a better user experience : it is now easier to read and it adapts to the screen width.

The code has also be improved several times, reflecting my new skills in web development.
I have developed my own PHP framework that I also use on other websites. Server-side, it is written in PHP/MySQL and client-size it is HTML/CSS/Javascript.
The main libraries I use are jQuery and Bootstrap.

On the site I did everything, the texts translation as well as the online store.

GPM e-Santé iPad iPhone

GPM e-Santé is an application I have created for Groupe Pasteur Mutualité, un groupe mutualiste d'assurances offrant des couvertures dans de nombreux domaines d'assurance. L'application GPM e-Santé se focalise sur la branche santé.

Elle permet, grâce à la géo-localisation, de trouver les conseillers proches de soit et de prendre contact avec eux.
L'application intègre le plugin dmdpost qui permet d'afficher le contenu de dmdpost au sein de l'application. Ce plugin est présent dans mon Portfolio pour plus de détails.

Save Charlie Amazon Android iPad iPhone

Save Charlie is a game that has been created next to the terrorist attacks against Charlie Hebdo. Its goal is to support press freedom: 50% of the game revenues go to the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

The game has been developped for iPhone, iPad, Google Play Store and Amazon AppStore.
It uses a lot of packs and plugins among those available on my site.

Here's the list of packs I used :
- JPAnimation
- JPButton
- JPEvent
- JPExtendedAPI
- JPGesture
- JPNotification
- JPPicker
- JPScrollView
- JPSound
- JPSprite
- JPTweener

And the list of plugins I used :
- jpChartboost
- jpGameCenter
- jpRateMe
- jpStoreKit
- jpWebView
- jpDeviceInfo
- jpVirtualKeyboard
- jpSocial
- jpPlayStore
- jpAmazon
- jpShortcutIcon

dmdpost iPad iPhone Web

What is dmdpost ?

dmdpost is a service invented by healthcare professionals, to help people find the way in the jungle that are health apps.
The apps get reviewed by patients and healthcare professionals, granting rating to the app according to its design, reliability and mostly its pertinence from a medical point of view. dmdpost is also every day news and connected objects. The objects are reviewed too, just like the apps.

The plugin :

The aim of the dmdpost plugin is to display content from www.dmdpost.com in third party applications. It contains many features such as a list of apps sorted by rating, the best apps month after month and also the best-of in many categories.
It is also possible to search for apps for a specific pathology if you are a patient, or a profession/speciality for a healthcare professional.
The plugin for iPhone and iPad comes as a static library (.a) that will be added to and compiled with third party apps.

Webservices and database :

I have entirely designed the database of dmdpost, and I wrote all of the webservices on which are plugged the website, the iOS plugin and the Android plugin to communicate with the server. Data is sent using JSON.

Stagium iPad iPhone Web

Stagium is a service for french medical students, that helps them to find and choose an internship.
This is a collaborative service: the students having done an internship can rate it. Stagium will compute the averate rating for each internship, allowing the other students in need of an internship to know how it was, if it was interesting, pleasant or enriching.

I did the whole Stagium iOS application, which is a universal application: it runs on both iPhone and iPad, with a dedicated user interface for each. The application is fun and dynamic. It contains a bunch of cool effects, such as animations, parallax effects or hidden events that the user will be able to trigger if he finds them.

I've also worked on the webservices, allowing the application to send and receive data from the Stagium server.

Babel Rising : Cataclysm Android iPad iPhone

Babel Rising: Cataclysm works like the first Babel Rising game. You are God and you must destroy the humanoids trying to reach you. This version gives a nice face-lift to the Babel Rising license by adding more depth to the gameplay and gorgeous graphics: 13 powers instead of 7, new types of units, siege towers, the arrival of the boat delivering stones to the Babylonians used to build the tower, etc.

The game runs on a multitude of Android devices and on all the iPhones and iPads. One of the main challenges of this project was to successfully run the game with tens or hundreds of characters on screen in a fluid manner on all of these devices, which have CPU, GPU performances and memory amount that vary enormously.
I've done a lot of work to optimize the code and textures, allowing owners of phones with poor performances to play the game comfortably and maintaining the highest quality for the more powerful devices.

Les Imbattables iPad Web Windows

'Les Imbattables' is a TV show broadcasted by the RTS, in Switzerland. Four candidates are competing in a virdual 3D environment. This environment and the progress of the TV show is managed by an application made with ShiVa 3D.

I worked on that application. I was in charge to complete the application in order to get it stable before the record of the show, starting from Q3 2013. I've also participated to 8 records of the show, I had the role of puppeteer and pilote assistant, in addition to ensure the proper functioning of technical part of the thing.

Voodoo Dice Android iPad iPhone Linux Mac PSP

Halfway between puzzle and action, you control a dice and roll in a 3D universe. You must reach the end of the level to win the game, but the path is strewn with pitfalls. Kill the enemy dices with the same score, activate switches, combine your dice, this game is a headache!

Voodoo Dice was originally developed by Exkee on Wii. I made the porting of the game to mobile platforms and computers with different controls management for each platform (the PSP game is handled with buttons, while the iPhone is touch for example) and graphic qualities variable according to the power of the device the game is running on.

MySpher iPad

MySpher is a media center application for iPad. After you have stored your collection of CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and photos into a local server, you will be able to browse all your medias with the iPad using a 3D interface and choose to play them on any of your home's TVs.

I didn't realised this application. I was in charge to fix bugs that the project contained and complete the application.

Meyou iPhone

Meyou is THE social network for shopping in Nice. It allows users to obtain good deals and discount coupons for many merchants in the city of Nice. Firstly available via the website Meyou.fr, I developed the iPhone application, integrating all of the main functionalities of the website, but more suitable for use in mobility, using geo-location for instance.

Hills of Glory : WWII Android

A war game all in 2D where the player will have to resist the arrival of enemy waves. He must unlock heroes in order to use them in combat, each with more destructive weapons as each other. The attacks are triggered with finger gestures performed on the screen: pinching, sliding, long presses, etc ... everything is there!

Convergence Android

Convergence is a project, in partnership with Texas Instruments, which was presented at the Mobile World Congress in February 2011. The purpose of this project was to demonstrate the power of the latest graphics processor from Texas Instruments, the OMAP4.

The game features a visual quality and 3D details completely crazy for a smartphone processor and to top it off, the game is rendered 2 times at each frame as it embeds a auto-stereoscopic display technology for compatible devices (one rendering for each eye).

Babel Rising Android

Play as a god and use your powers to prevent the humans from building the tower of Babel.
Cast lightnings, induce earthquakes and trigger massive flooding on the Babylonians.

The game beeing very popular on the iPhone, I was in charge to port it to Android a few months later. Like any game development on Android, the problems are mainly related to the multitude of different Android phones, high contrast performance and fragmentation of Android versions.

Technological demonstrations

I realized many technology demonstrations to promote and demonstrate the power of ShiVa 3D, the software that allows the creation of video games, developed by Stonetrip. For each of them, the source code is available to the ShiVa users in order to let them learning how to reproduce the different effects present in these demos.
The most famous is The Hunt that integrates the concepts of particles, ragdoll, shaders (motion blur, depth blur, bloom, distortion, etc.), anisotropy, rendermap, skybox and many others. The Hunt is more than a demonstration since you can play it on a level and kill many zombies in fury.
Another demonstration is The Air Spray, whose sole purpose is to expose pixelmaps, these textures where you can change the pixels at runtime. The demo is in the form of a wall that we will be able to tag with a spray. A demonstration video is available on the side of this article.
I also made The Earth, highlighting the possibility of ShiVa create 3D screensavers. The demonstration is automatic, the user cannot interact with the application. It is the visualization of the Earth illuminated by sunlight in real time. Cities are illuminated at night, the mountains are raised, it is particularly visible at sunset.
I also worked on the creation of 3D interfaces, a different conception of how to browse folders and access their content, in a smooth and animated manner with advanced visual effects.

Babelgum Android iPhone

Babelgum is an online video service such as YouTube. I developed the mobile application of this service to provide users the ability to browse and play videos on the go, log on to their account, add videos to their favorites, etc..